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HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!!? let me break it down. At age 10, I found my first musical love. Drumming. I still remember lucidly, the moment 18 years ago when my father leaned into his truck, then surprised me with a pair of drum sticks. For the next 8 years, rhythm and groove were my mother tongue. I idolized classic-rock artists along side the popular alternative/hard-rock groups of the early 2000s. As I aged, I got into more and more progressive music. They were bands that still had the Rock n’ Roll set up, but who’s technical skills and compositions were beyond the norm. Groups like Tool, Coheed and Cambria, and Opeth are among such wizards to bless the scene. “Hey, I wanna do that!”, thought teenage me. So, around the 8 year mark of drumming, I started flirting with my next instrument. Guitar. This tug-and-pull between drums and guitar went on for about 4-5 years. One year i’d be laying down the groove for a group, the next i’d be writing my own stuff. Eventually, guitar and singing won out. The joy i gathered from composing and performing original songs was the bee’s knees! The cat’s pajamas!! The hedgehog’s track-suit!!! You pickin’ up what i’m layin’ down? So here I am today, pursuing my art more than ever and still trying to figure out if hedgehogs can wear a little uniform.

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