Asheville, North Carolina. Chapter 2: Synchronicity

syn·chro·nic·i·ty - noun - The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

I’ve been encountering this a lot during my travels and it’s making me question my understanding of reality. It’s not until now, i feel i will correctly verbalize it. There’s been a signigicant amount of occurrences where i’ve had a thought or experience then something immediatly occurs related to it. It’s as if my brain/body is picking up on a sense that felt previously dormant. The more it happens, the more i understand how to interpret good omens. Some people will immediatly brush this off as bullshit. Some will tell me which crystals i should wear around my neck to strengthen my vibrations. I like to think i fall somewhere in the middle of those two. The fact i’ve been meditating within a space of “feeling” and NOT thinking every morning has got to be part of it. I let the focus of my attention drift toward sensing, NOT thoughts. If a thought occurs, i just let it pass by like a drifting cloud. So what I’m saying is i’m a wizard now haha. nah. But there is something quite peculiar about my perception of time/events that i’ve been tapping into. As i’ve said before, i’ve been mentally and physically healthier living out of a car than i ever did working some stupid job and being part of the rat race. The amount of freedom i have to pursue my goals and the low-stress lifestyle of it all is something i wish everyone could experience.

*Points at moon with gleaming sword*

Society WAS the cause of SO MUCH of my depression, unhealthy habits and negative lifestyles. AND i’ve finally reached a level of maturity in which i can honestly say it WAS my environment. “There’s no cure for an unhealthy individual if they live in a truly sick society” So leave. Don’t do what you think the world needs. Do what you love, because what the world needs is more people doing what they love. Throw society’s norms out the window, sacrifice that which doesn’t serve you and be a gleaming example of what it means to be human.