The Ohio Wormhole

3 weeks, a bunch of open-mics, and a couple states later, i’m in Ohio. Something seriously tweaked inside me while in Asheville. This whole trip has been incredible so far, personally, spiritually and musically. However, a deep, DEEP longing for a sense of grounding made itself viciously apparent during my last 2 weeks in North Carolina. So, i’m back in Ohio, seeing family & close friends and my mood has been climbing ever since. I’m currently sitting in a Columbus food establishment eating an over-priced veggie burger and sipping coffee as the rain sprinkles onto the ever growing contrast of black pavement. According to the weather wizards, we’ve only got 8 or more days of this! Woohoo! Fitting… As soon as I return to the midwest, it reminds me why I always leave…..Though, apparently its like this all over the Eastern U.S, so I’m just bitching about Ohio at this point… Its too easy.

The real question on my mind is this. Where am I going after the Columbus, Ohio chapter of my journey? I’ve lost interest in traveling north to Ithaca, NY and Burlington, VT. I don’t know, it just seems….too far away. I’d be spreading myself thin just to fulfill the pride in saying I “accomplished” the road trip. If there’s one thing my years of road-trippin’ have taught me, its that the trip always has a plan of its own. That, and the creeping sense of financial oblivion have started to steer my journey elsewhere. My 3 options are:

Settle in Ohio for a season or 2…..eww

Continue the trip and say fuck it.

Go back to Asheville, NC for a season.

lets see what happens. *shakes dice in hands*