Scoot-City. Chapter 3: The Perfect Level of Homelessness.

Alright. So according to my research, and the application of previous data points from my past travels, my mental health seems be best within the “perfect level of homelessness”. My research team in Japan made a graph to show you what i mean. Please refer to it for the rest of this post. This graph is personal to me and is not recommended as a cure-all for your depression. The Lucid Youth does not take responsibility for the incorrect usage of this scientific data. Results may vary. If you get a boner that’s lasted for more than 4 hours, I don’t know what to tell you.


This is the result of countless hours and sleepless nights from my overseas Science team. I capitalize Science because of their strict use of FACTS ONLY! Totally undeniable. They like to use the word emperical…personally, i think they’re just showing off. So there it is. Numbers don’t lie folks

According to all my previous travels and long-term road trips, I’ve been most joyful when my housing situation is up in the air with a tinge of survival instincts. But. Just enough of that tinge to keep me on my toes and extremely motivated. At first, that motivation was simply finishing one of my many cross-country road trips and journaling all my experiences. Then, I ramped up to the 5 months in Central America thing. Great times. Now, I’m applying everything I’ve learned and using it to progress my music. AND THAT! THAT is the key to all of this. Combining the perfect level of homelessness with my musical aspirations has given me an incredible amount of motivational fuel. It’s those who find an effective level of stability and struggle that are molded like clay. This is exactly why some who grow up filthy rich have no motivation. They already have everything….or so they think. On the opposite side, those who grow up without anything at all, not even hope, can be damned by this society. Once I’ve reached a financial stability within my life’s path, i plan on finding a way to help those that are caught in life’s undertow. Every time i think about this, my mind goes towards fixing the homelessness problem in the U.S. or those who are caught in the “Way too homeless”portion of my data (please see graph for perspective) But how do i help the situation? These are the things I must contemplate, for they are not even half-baked yet.

I’m very privileged in the fact that i’ve chosen my struggle, and that my struggle did not choose me. I’ve become proactive not reactive. I grew up in the United States’ suburban middle class, in a crime-free neighborhood and had an incredible childhood. While that life certainly didn’t teach me any “street smarts”, the past 5 years of my life certainly have. Now is the stage where i take everything i was born with, everything i’ve earned and put it towards my goals. *insert your favorite motivational quote here* Personal success is the first step. Reaching out and supporting others is the second. The rest is very open-ended, but living out of a car and establishing myself as a musician is the catalyst behind all of it. And so it comes full circle.