Scoot-City. Chapter 2

aaaaaaaaaaand, Scootin’ on in to the 3rd week, I currently sit inside a starbucks, drinking a hot green citrus tea that cost $2.45. I’ve been making too many little purchases like this lately and my goal of $300 a month was surpassed and hit $400….which is too much money if I want to sustain this for the 5-6 months I had planned. A little part of me cringes when I spend more than $10 dollars a day. This extreme budgeting and overall dive in my quality of life has created a hunger inside me. literally and metaphorically. I am forcing myself into the lifestyle I want, putting a fire under my butt so I actually get moving on my goals…and it’s working. I’m seeing a consistant progress with my music that I haven’t before. It keeps me from being homeless, and instead, just houseless. It’s that constant threat of financial oblivion that really keeps me motivated. It’s the thought that one day, I won’t have to eat canned food all the time or kick myself after caving in and eating out.

This Gainesville chapter of my travels has been good to me. A lot of that is because of my friend Aaron, who lives in town. He’s been more than hospitable to me. I honestly feel like I don’t deserve to be sleeping inside as much as I have. Yeah, I actually feel guilty about that. Sleeping indoors. Our friendship has strengthened a great deal since I’ve arrived. It’s been quite the blessing on my Gainesville experience. The music scene has been nice so far. 4 open mics a week for 2 weeks plus I managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat by booking, then playing a show within 2 days of eachother. AND got invited to a small festival gig…pretty stoked about that. *dog howl*

My definition of “free-time” has warped quite exstensively since starting this all of this. On one hand, you could say I have more free time than ever… However, I’m also putting more of it than ever into evolving the quality and brand of my music. We usually associate “free-time” with doing things we like. Leisure, if you will. And though I’m certainly dedicating my life to music right now, I don’t really consider it work. It’s too soul fulfilling. On the other end, I usually associate “work” with things I dislike doing... Like going into work, haha… This lifestyle is too beautiful to give up for a “normal” one. I can build off of this and have the life I want. Not the one I’m given. This is truly an amazing time to be alive. When else in history has an individual had this much power? The internet is no doubt a factor in all of this. So, I'll keep pushing, working smarter, and not eating out as much until I can afford it.

Pretty blunt post this week.