Welcome to Scoot-City.

So here I am in Gainesville, Florida or as I like to call it. Scoot-City. I’m pretty sure this town is just a big cover-up for a scooter cult. I’ve never seen this many 2-wheeled motorized vehicles in one spot. It’s like every college kid and their dog has one…My buddy in town said, “if you live here long enough, you’ll have seen anything and everything on a scooter at some point”. I immediately imagined a large, burly man in flannel, riding a scooter half his size, glaring at me as he putts by as if to say, “we don’t like your kind round here.” I then quickly drive off in my 4 wheeled monstrosity… But that’s not why we’re here… So far, Gainesville has blow St. Petersburg out of the water in terms of the music scene. It’s signigicantly smaller but much closer to what I’m looking for. It carries a hippie/artsy vibe reflected in it’s street-art and local shops. Throughout the town you’ll see pictures and murals of Tom Petty and Bo Diddley. Tom was born here, Bo spent much of his life here.

When did I become such a lone-wolf? For the past 5 years I’ve been going on these nomadic excursions that very few i’ve met have ever done. Whenever I have this lifestyle, my depression goes away, I become extremely productive AND much more relaxed. On the flip-side, whenever i’ve seriously plugged into society, had rent to pay, and worked some job, all my dark sides come out. Is it I who has the problem, or society that has a problem with me? Who cares at this point. I know when I feel wholesome, healthy and happy and that’s good enough for me. It’s funny. People save up money for all types of things but when I save up money, it’s so I can live out of my car. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

As I write this, It’s a cloudless 75°F day. The weather in northern Florida this time of year is incredible. As stated before, I have a friend in town. Quite the amazing friend actually. He’s been letting me crash at his place on a very frequent basis. I feel spoiled honestly. I’m still spending a couple nights doing the car camping routine just to keep my vagabond muscles from atophying but it’s hard to resist the comforts of a couch and kitchen. Not to mention just being able to hang out with an old friend! That, coupled with the great weather and music scene makes one happy Mr. Morbid… kinda sound’s like a halloween special… I wonder where I’ll be in October? Anyway, my experience here has been a good one so far. In the meantime i’ve kept my eyes on Athens, Georgia’s nightly temperatures. I’ll make my next move when things hover around 50-60°F. If I have my way, I’ll be in Gainesville for at least another 2-3 weeks.


PS - If you’d like my first take on the Gainesville music scene, click here for a video.