Peace out, St. Pete.

After spending 2 weeks here, its about time to move on. This place just ain’t my scene. On the music front, this place was a dud. Plain and simple. Went to 4 open mics during my time and was the youngest player at all of them. 2 of them, the people at the venue were talking louder than the musicians playing, Anothet was outside and the sound of traffic/planes flying in drowned everything out. And the other was just…meh. Nothing to write home about. Nothing against the players in the area but there are definitely better scenes out there.

This has been a fantastic training ground for the car-dwelling life though! While I spent most of the previous post praising this lifestyle, this one will be counting it’s challenges. The key to a good day is having a good night. I’ll repeat that again. The key to a good day is having a good night. My quality of sleep is easily impacted by the temperature and noise of each location. As soon as it starts getting above 72 degrees, things get stuffy… and sweaty. Correct window cracking and crossbreeze is key. ….I should probably invest in a fan. The noise scenario can be easily mitigated with ear plugs. Out of all the places I’ve parked, Walmart has been the most solid. knocks on wood. If I can bounce around a few of those, mixed with some congested neighborhood parking in each place, I should be good.

The only real problem I’ve enountered was my interaction with a cop at 3am. I went against my intuition and parked in a neighborhood that was slightly too nice. I was also one of the only cars on the street… Apparently someone didn’t like this. I woke up to possibly the brightest flashlight I’ve ever seen along with the cop’s car aiming it’s brights at mine. It pretty much lit up the entire god-damn block. As I wriggled my way into the front seat and handed him my I.D, I realized something. I’m a guy living in Florida, with a Texas driver’s license, and Ohio plates. Now, this geographic trifecta of a though had occured a couple times already and usually made me quite happy, but now I couldn’t help but feel a bit vulnerable…... He was totally cool though, and actually recommended me a grocery lot to sleep at instead. This was definitely the worst night of sleep I’ve had so far.

All in all, this trip has been going well. I’m kinda staying on my budget of $70 a week, though last week was $100 because I had to get more car camping necessities (new bulk water container, a 2nd towel, black sheet for better window coverage at night…etc) I’ve already started looking at the types of vans I want to upgrade to, haha… though, that’s definitely jumping the gun. If this car-life has taught me anything yet, it’s to take 1 day at a time.

Peace out, monkeys.