St. Petersburg Wanderer

The amount of freedom I’ve had this past week does not come close to any other time in my life. While living in a car presents it’s obvious struggles, the amount of flexiblity and mastery I’ve had over my daily life, far outways the negatives. I’ve lost count how many times i’ve cracked smiles for no reason other than feeling at one with everything. The Florida sun is helping immensely too.

Ahhh, Sunlight. How i’ve missed thee.

The lucidity of all this makes me wonder, did I have any ancestors that were extremely nomadic? The amount of synchronicity in my life lately says i’m doing something right. All the dots are connecting. One of those moments in particular was me stumbling across a library’s “free book” cart and finding one on gypsies. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. They’re quite the incredible group of people, and part of that is just how little is actually known about them. As masters of travel, deception, adaptation and misrepresentation, they’ve seemed to continue living in this world without people catching onto them. One quote stands out in particular. “Gypsies themselves are lords of the Earth. All real gypsies are united in their love of freedom and their eternal flight from the bonds of civilization, in their desire to be their own masters and in their contempt for what we pompously call, ‘the consequences’.” Beautifully righteous if you ask me.

I need to research my family tree. Maybe I’ve got something in me that just constantly wants to be on the move. Or maybe I’m just sick of the way society is structured and have reached the finality of my path. Either way, i’m fuckin’ stoked. This is absolutely the life for me, and even better, one that I can build upon. I’m very excited about my coming evolution as an artist.

In terms of the music, I’ve only now just started hitting up the open mics. Been to 3. Gotta be honest. St. Petersburg, Florida really isn’t my scene. However, like I said, i’ve only been to 3. Also, if anyone can shoot magic healing forces from their fingertips and aim them down to florida, into my vocal cords, that would be great. I’m still dealing with this voice damage and have resorted to a strict NO TALKING regime for at least a week.

Peace, love, light, cheers and all that jazz. Unless it’s smooth jazz. Cuz that ain’t jazz…hehe