The 7 Seas of Bullshit. Part 4. FINALE

Clicking play on the audio above will greatly enhance your reading of the The 7 Sea’s final chapter.

Well, Here we are.

After what has seemed like countless months at sea, we’ve finally reached the southern port of the prog-rock islands.

Bitter-sweet, I gotta say.

That hip-hop crew really grew on us. We have no need for the ship and it’s remaining resources so we’ve donated it to them as a gift. Their captain said our deed will not be forgotten. As for my crew, they all have their own goals here on the island…all except “biscuits”. He’s definitely the most lost and heartbroken from the disbanding of the crew. Strong bonds break hard….or something like that. He’s looking for work around port while picking up clues about the island that I’m sure he’ll eventually dive into. The guy lives for having a vision. Even if it’s completely out of reach, it’s all about the horizon with that guy.

I will be scouring over this land like a human comb, sifting through it’s ancient ruins, searching it’s craggy peaks, speaking with it’s mystics. “In search of what?” you might ask.

Well…..Treasure of course! What else is there for an old salty dog like myself to do. The day might come again when the crew reunites around the sea’s seducing wafts and whispers of adventure and plunder. Until then, We’ll keep our eyes on the stars and our feet planted on firm ground.

This is the captain the the vessel “Luna”, signing out.