The 7 Seas of Bullshit. Part 3.5 INTERMISSION

We’ll continue with your completely irregular scheduling of “The 7 Seas of Bullshit” series, after this announcement.

Is there such thing as a pre-tour? if not, there is now.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 4.38.13 AM.png

This is a rough draft of my upcoming music adventure. I'll be living in my car, hitting up these cities for 1-2 months each, infiltrating the music scenes, traveling north as the weather gets warmer, planting some seeds if you will, how many commas do you think I can use in this post, cuz i'm going for a record. Ah shit.

I'm trying to stick to medium-small sized hippie towns because those are my jam. Throw me location ideas if you have any. Hell, I might just keep going north into Canada. I just saw on google-maps that they have a polar bear provincial park.

...Chillin with the bears.


My goal with this is to book a tour back through these cities. Maybe harvest some dem' seeds I was talkin' bout earlier. I'll see what the bears have to say.