The 7 Seas of Bullshit. Part 2.

During our voyage to the surfer chick inhabitants of the prog-rock islands, I’ve come across many water-way checkpoints to ensure my ship’s cargo is of legal stature. Man, it’s costing me more money than expected to get all the copyrighting, printing and distributing done for this album. I have the map set in front of me with the rest of our voyage laid out. Should be smooth sailing till we reach our destination. Luckily, we haven’t encountered any pirates yet.

Many a podcast about the DIY music biz has been listened to along the way. Last time we were docked, one of my crew members, more specifically, the one who mans the crow’s nest, found the “CD Baby DIY Musician’s Podcast”. This resource has proven invaluable.

1 Day Later

Please excuse the lapse in documenting. Immediately after that last entry, we came across a sinking ship that had caught ablaze! We quickly pulled the captain and remaining crew aboard. Apparently they were heading for the shallow waters of the T. Swift peninsula. The captain said he knew a guy who knew guy who he could sell some hip-hop beats to for a big profit. Poor bastard never stood a chance. A fire started in their kitchen after their chef fell asleep listening to a Wiz Khalifa - Snoop Dogg mixtape. They were 200 miles off course when we found them.

Our new guests will be with us till we hit our destination. From there, they can re-organize and go about their business. Strange enough, some of our new guests have offered quite the bit of marketing information and keep going on about Facebook ads. My crew, including myself, were a bit hesitant about these ideas but now, we’re starting to see some positives on our end. Maybe we’ll hit the prog-rock islands more prepared than I thought. Either way, at least it’s giving the crews something to talk about now. Before, I would look down from the helm and witness the most awkward of mingling. It’d usually involve the hip-hop crew showing off their choreographed dance moves, and my guys scratching their heads while thumbing through random guitar picks in their pockets.

Things seem pretty peachy at this point. If we keep our current pace and a straight path, we shall hit our destination before we know it. That is, so long as we don’t meet any pirates…