The 7 Seas of Bullshit

I didn’t realize how much goes into the business side of releasing an album. Pretty much, I’m getting all my ducks in a row. This is in order to bathe them so their feathers are vibrant and puffy. When presentable, those little quackers will march straight to the front-lines of the interwebs. Some may not return, but they understand this and consider it a noble cause. Good luck little fellas. Let your quacks ring out in the night and your feathers shine in the sun.

The music industry as we knew it does not exist anymore. It’s a double edged sword because now-a-days with the internet, everyone has the opportunity to say something. However, a lot people wanting to be heard, don’t have much to say. This surmounts to a sea of bullshit to sail in order to find some treasure. Treasure from the Bullshit Sea. It ain’t pretty. Especially when found off the coast of idiot island or the peninsula of self-entitlement. But, there are communes within these lands of independent music. Some hold the virtues of the art above all else……

*Holds flashlight to face*

Even money!


The gems crafted by such wizardly populations are said to induce powerful rushes of dopamine and mystical states of introspection. Even more so, their powers are multiplied when experienced with the eyes closed. Most of the people sailing the seas of bullshit never land at these communities. And why should they? Everyone else is hanging out at the docks of some White Bread Bonnaroo, where the music is full of fake shit, easily mass produced and sold at your local market. I should just go live on one of the prog-rock islands and hang with surfer chicks. Look, If there’s anything I’m trying to get across here, it’s that I think surfer girls are hot. I know that was a round-about way of getting here… But we’re here. So I’ll take one psilocybin infused coconut smoothie and watch the waves roll in. Mmmmmhhhmmmm. Well, before the sun goes down, I better get back home. I need to wake up at a decent time in order to finish my licensing, publishing, copyrighting, meta-data entry, album artwork, music videos, market research and internet monetization. Hey, where’d the surfer chicks go?